#FreeingLostSouls by Tracy Kincaid @tkincaidauthor is LIVE!!!!  Grab your copy of this #MustRead #Paranormalromance today and find out why readers are going nuts for Bruce & Sarah!!!

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Freeing Lost Souls: Book One of The Family Tree Series. This one is based in modern day Gettysburg with a Civil War theme, of course.

Sarah Finny is an artist who prides herself on being a free spirit. Her job sends her to Gettysburg, where she discovers a powerful connection to the legendary battlefield. While exploring the historical landmark, Sarah comes upon park guide, Bruce Wilks who has injured his leg. After offering to help him, Sarah develops an unexpected attraction toward Bruce, which threatens her heart as well as, her cherished nomadic way of life. 

A powerful and mysterious entity brings them together hoping to enlist Sarah and Bruce in finding his own long-lost love and, thereby, freeing lost souls.

Book one in The Family Tree Series.


#ChangingLives by Tracy Kincaid @tkincaidauthor is LIVE!!!!  Grab your copy of this #MustRead #Historical #Paranormalromance today and find out why readers are going nuts for Thomas & Natalie!!!

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Changing Lives

What if love-at-first-sight was not the “first-sight” after all?

Natalie Star is a modern woman, with modern sensibilities. Practical and realistic, she finds herself falling for a man named Thomas Andrews. Thomas is a perfect gentleman, but his love for her seems to be old, solid, staid– the kind that grows after years of love and life together. He speaks in riddles when she asks why he seems to know her so well–they were together in a time she can’t remember yet.

Thomas longs to tell Natalie everything he knows about her, about them. But it’s time that is the problem yet. There is a tragedy that they must endure before she can fully accept who they are, and why they are destined to be together. A tragedy that Thomas has been through once, and will go through again to find the piece of his heart that has been missing all these many years.

That tragedy is the Titanic…


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